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What is Airbrush brows?

It's the biggest eyebrows trend of the year!


It sounds like an exciting development in the beauty industry, where airbrush technology is used

to create stylish and natural brow effects.

For stylists already experienced in treating eyebrows, this type of specialized treatment can be a

great way to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Airbrush technology can offer smoother and more precise results compared to traditional methods.


Airbrush brows is a technique used to apply eyebrow color using an airbrush gun. Instead of traditional application with a brush, the eyebrow color is sprayed evenly onto the eyebrows using air pressure from a compressor.
Through this technique, a fine mist of color is created that evenly covers both hairs and skin, resulting in an even, natural and flawless finish on the eyebrows. This makes it possible to create definition, fullness and shape with a soft and natural effect.
The airbrush technique is commonly used in professional eyebrow tinting and is popular for creating the desired eyebrow look with precision and accuracy.


It's a well-thought-out strategy to grow your business in the beauty industry, it can really increase your earning potential and help you quickly see a return on your investment.

Offering airbrush brows as a complement to your existing services such as brow lift, brow styling and brow tinting can really bring you several benefits, including increased demand and the ability to fill your calendar quickly.

Remember that it is important to effectively market the new service and communicate its benefits to your existing and potential customers. Offering promotions or introductory prices can also be a way to generate interest and attract new customers to this exciting treatment.


The durability of airbrush brows can vary depending on several factors, including your skin type, how you care for your brows after the treatment, and the quality of the products used.

In general, airbrush brows can last longer than traditional brow tinting because the technique applies the color evenly and creates a more durable finish. Here are some factors that can affect durability:

Skin type: People with oilier skin may experience the color breaking down faster compared to people with dry skin. Oily skin can affect how well the color adheres to the brows.

Care: How you care for your brows after the treatment plays a role. Avoiding excessive exposure to water, oil-based products and strong detergents can extend the results.

Product quality: The quality of the products used during the airbrush treatment can affect the result. High-quality pigments and fixing agents can contribute to a longer and lasting results.

Aftercare: Some brow artists may provide guidelines for aftercare, including using specific products or avoiding certain activities to extend shelf life.
Generally speaking, airbrush brows can last 7-10 days on the skin, 6 weeks on the hair or longer. It is always best to follow the individual guidelines and recommendations of the professional performing the treatment to optimize durability. Since the eyebrow dye lasts longer on the hair than on the skin, you can achieve the best results if you have more hair to dye. More hair gives more surface to attach the color to and can contribute to a longer lasting and even coloring of the eyebrows.

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